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Wavevolution - Introduction

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Its Word is prisoner
Its letters are hidden still inside the ink.
One line of thought and a few metaphors are
here to catapult Its Portrait beyond words.

Time for Awakening

Since 9/11 it's the War on Terror
One "false flag" attack so called by error
Blair, Bush and Israel had a Pact in store
Their next surprise is knocking at your door
A hidden vile Idea from those who want "more"
will use you and your Belief for the next World War
As "chosen people" gain while Humankind loses
Greed wins not by the swords but by the words of Moses
Daring is to tell you when, better then to tell you rhymes
could not side with either one to get ready for our times
to look beyond and past today to seek for a solution
one only hope is there for you and spells Wavevolution


The ultimate Revolution wins with the ultimate weapon:
Your Mind


This introduction is for you to expect, recognize and put in perspective the many "surprises" that will soon change the World and your Life.
There is no need for Prophets.

A planned chain of events has already started before your eyes while you remain blindfolded or perhaps too distracted to see it.

It is the secret rise of the
New World Order

For a long time people talked about one “possible" Plot.
You don't need to hear it again.
There should be no doubt.
Time should be invested in the search for an alternative Solution and a way to go around the trap.
Although even before entertaining that single remedy it will be necessary to identify at the roots the cause of the malaise.
That remedy will be the only vaccine for the survival of this Humankind fallen ill with a stab in the back.

Many will remain skeptical in regard to the existence of an international Plot in spite of what is already in front of their eyes. These people would probably like to see proofs as letters, videotapes or confessions on Live TV.
Instead one should connect all the acquired certainties from the past events to recognize the clear Direction already well defined by this Plan.
All these circumstances should be more than enough evidence for all those who have eyes to see.

It is not possible today to still believe that Osama bin Laden did plot the attack on 9/11

This is to say that one should not listen to
the interpretation of the media
but simply observe the events.

As you know the end game and the Plan beforehand, they will all look like the many tassels of one same "Mosaic".

9/11 broke the delicate equilibrium that existed between Religions
and now we are about to witness the worst expressions of the Human being
and the most subtle use of Force and Deception
from both sides.

All this should not divert your attention from that infamous day and from those who have wanted this chain of events at all costs.


In the end Destiny will tell us
if there will be an awakening
and if it was only at the beginning that most people were so blinded and distracted not to see the coming "storm"
instead if turning a blind eye and looking the other way
exemplifies that primitive animal behavior
which is most dangerous for Humankind
and that signifies its surrender in front of the threat.


The Picture
of the "storm"

Like the brush strokes of one same painter, similar escalating events in the last few years remind us of one particular malcontent before World War Two.
In all streets one accusatory finger was pointed at the Jews

In parallel look today how the entire Humankind is systematically deceived and plundered by only a few individuals who are all vigorous supporters of Israel.
See also why Israel's economy is booming while the rest of the World is in a downward spiral.
Notice in your Country how all the resources always end up in the hands of the "friends of Israel" while for all other people it becomes impossible just to survive.

For you to understand what is happening in your Country you will have to first recognize the entire Picture.
All is correlated.
Nothing will happen for an accident.

Soon you will see revolutions everywhere.
Entire populations will be first reduced to poverty and then pitted one against the other until exhausted they will accept to live submitting to new rules in a World dressed in chains:
the New World Order

What you see between Israel and Palestine is the gauge to visualize what is in store for everyone.

Israel was a concept before it became a State and today is a State like no other.
In fact it is the only Country in the World that has never defined its borders since its Declaration of Independence and now is ready to expand its territory through the use of any means.
From its perspective Israel sees the World from the top of a virtual Pyramid.

The New World Order will want to appear in the end as that Greater State of Israel foretold and written in the Bible and that extends to the whole World but an objective like this would face massive resistance from all populations if its Plan were exposed and would remain unfulfilled without the use of Deception.

And in that sense,
9/11 was a "masterpiece" of the Zionists even if you will never hear anything on TV about Israel's involvement. The media propaganda makes sure that Israel remains always untouchable and anyone who have tried to say even half a word was immediately accused of antisemitism.

And yet,

Israel has the total control of the Pentagon in the US.
The Zionists with their Plan and their secret agencies will do all they can so that the US forces will fight a World War in place of Israel

Behind this Plan there is one Shadow Government that rules and orchestrates CIA, MI6 and Mossad, the 3 secret agencies in USA, UK and Israel. Today there is an internal conflict between Donald Trump and George Bush for the leadership of this hidden Government but the objective of a greater State of Israel at the top of a New World Order remains unchanged.

Responsible for this is not the Jewish people
but the Jewish culture
as school of Greed and master of Lies.

Unquestionably this culture is Equality's ultimate enemy

Originated from slavery, the culture of Moses was personified two thousand years ago by "money changers", in this century instead by "international bankers".
Today, one small group of individuals, like one parallel government hidden in the UK, USA and Israel works relentlessly to build a huge Human Cage while also the citizens of those same Countries are unaware victims manipulated by this Plan based upon the Biblical concept of one "chosen people".


What follows is the only solution for the next turn of events that will catch almost everyone by surprise.

The next World War will be inevitable.
It will be the excuse to completely abolish the concept of Equality and all human rights associated with it celebrating the rise of one "chosen people" so to weave Religions with their plot.
It will be more lethal than the Wars from the past but will not lead to the end of the World.
It will be through the use of drones and robotic weapons.

Beyond any possible excuse of Religion or other, the Conflict must be defined from the beginning only pro or against Equality without distinctions for Religion, race or Country.

The strategy of this conspiracy is "Divide and Conquer" and the solution begins with a new concept of Equality that is defined by a new discovery.


is a newly discovered energy transformation:

low frequency waves
transform into

Wavevolution is the opposite of nuclear fission.

Maybe at first sight, the revelations deriving from Wavevolution will seem difficult to believe but after a closer look you will realize that the consequences go far beyond the simple discovery and turn upside down many common beliefs.

In fact, Wavevolution is the connecting link that closes the circle of science to open our eyes toward new horizons never seen before.

It is now possible to recognize beyond any doubt:

Time, Space and Movement
(in One depending coexistence)

one same behavior in waves and atoms
(the Creation revealed by One single unaltered Movement)

the existence of One Universal Law
(Quantum Mechanics or Law of Attraction)

the existence of One God
(different than the one invented by Moses in the Bible)

the common origin of our evolution
(and a sort of Equality from One undifferentiated energy)


While the revelations are many the reason why you are invited to know of Wavevolution is because now there is a hope for one new beginning and
One new Belief in the World
A new Science and Religion are one and the same
as the Existence of God is not anymore one mysterious dogma

The timing of this discovery seems to be auspicious.
That is because, without a new Point of Light and a new Direction, Humankind would not know how to change path even if everyone knew that a group of Zionists (or Shadow Government), leading the secret services in USA, UK and Israel, is the destabilizing force behind most terror events and with classified information at disposal and a private army is guiding Humankind toward a World War and toward Slavery.

Without an Awakening,
any significant change would be unlikely even if the people knew exactly what the conspirators will do:
They will throw stones and quickly hide their hand
They will hit one to blame the other and divide all people
They will stir up a Conflict in the name of our differences

Under normal circumstances there would be no need to be too concerned of a group of "initiated" that plots the World financial collapse and a global War in order to reduce billions of people into slavery, but, when the weapon of deceit works in synchronism with all media and against one Humankind that is so mixed and so robotic and that also includes the last children of the Stone Age the problem arises when "in good faith" too many people are about to fall victims in the trap of those few

For a change of Direction it will take a "spark" that could dazzle even those who have been blinded.

The answer to the Zionist Plan in one word is
To recognize Wavevolution is to also recognize a sort of
which is neither financial
nor Equality between man and woman
but it is instead
the Respect of a newly found common origin
reflected in a new system of values
sculptured in a new set of rules

Soon there will be an opportunity for this change although it will take first to recognize the phases of this conspiracy:

9/11 ("false flag" attack planned by Bush & co.)
7/7 "false flag" in London (Blair seals the Pact with Bush)
The War in Iraq
The next expansion of the territory of Israel.
The future collapse of the World financial system

All these are not individual events but instead part of the Zionist Plan.

First of its kind, this worldwide crisis was provoked through a terror event (9/11) plotted by a US president, George Bush.

This event was plotted to destabilize the equilibrium in all Countries and trigger a chain of events almost unavoidable all of them part of the same Plan.

Many simultaneous rebellions stirred up in Arab Countries
will benefit in the end only the State of Israel with the expansion of its territory
in Europe and in the US, the financial resources "like magic" will disappear through bailouts, tax cuts and elaborated emergency maneuvers which will be ruled only to appear beneficial for those Countries but instead appositely designed for their collapse
(except for England that will push Europe over the precipice)

The old economy will get to the last stop.
The internet instead will have its plug pulled

Massive poverty will bring chaos and anarchy while the lack of effective governments will set the stage for one World Tyranny

It will be just from chaos that one voice will rise with the promise to fix all and everyone.

That will be the forked tongue of the New World Order.

As Humankind will be most vulnerable and confused, agents on payroll of the New World Order will take command in each Country, even by force.
They will promise the "moon" or steal that command with fixed elections.
In the end, all of them will be dictators, one for each Country, at the same time servants of one "chosen people".

The only alternative is from the certainty of this clear Direction:
Once revolutions will have occurred all over the World they soon need to be coordinated.
To oppose the Zionist Plan it will take one single United Front (and not many fragmented) that will be coordinated among the many Countries before it is put into action with strategic timing.
Worldwide Referendum broadcasted Live simultaneously on large screens in the squares of all Countries could answer for a future pro or against Equality and specific questions selected to decide what type of Democracy will exist in a new Humankind.

The final result must be a World united and without borders that outplays the strategy: Divide and Conquer


To steer clear of misunderstandings,
Equality does not mean Communism but Democracy.
In fact,
the word Democracy from the Greek means:
Law of the people
which implies a certain Equality between those individuals who are part of one same Country.

....... yet .......

some may be puzzled

The only word Equality brings fear and discomfort in Countries that have glorified the cult of Individualism like USA, England, Israel and others.

For over 2,000 years Equality has been the antithesis of the centralized power which ever since has raged against it with all means to eliminate it and to even confuse the platform upon which the Christian Religion is based.
Like at the time of Jesus also in our time, mortal enemy of Equality is that same hand of the Zionists, hidden today inside the glove of the CIA, who killed promoters like Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

To oppose Equality, the Zionists have found their most convenient ally in one particular passage of the Jewish Torah, or, in the prophecy predicting the rise of one "chosen people" from God (redefined today as Belief in "Exceptionalism").

The Zionists have already infiltrated many governments among the most powerful Countries. They have also unified their influence under one same "shadow government" that pulls the strings of those Countries.
Their agenda is kept secret from the public and hidden behind the same propaganda you see and hear in different languages on TVs all over the World

...... also .....

the concept of Equality encounters resistance because it capsizes those values we have been used to.

Our cultures have all been influenced by Religions that still today demonstrate how to live in a pyramidal system which is made of many casts, from priests to Popes.
The same pyramidal system applied by the Animal kingdom is also the only system adopted by all "Human" societies. This has accustomed the people to live without mutual Respect and to coexist within a system of subordination and mental slavery.

A change of Direction in the Destiny of Humankind will coincide with a new way to view ourselves.

The Awakening
will need to include at least 3 changes among the people:

1) One new Awareness.
The Creation now revealed as One single broken mirror which is formed by the symmetries of Its fragments also reveals one interconnection between all of us.
As Wavevolution shows how the origin of all energy in the Universe, including the human being, had been first waves and then mass, it also opens our eyes to our Equality.
This new Awareness of the Creation will lead to a new way to view ourselves and a new form of mutual Respect

2) One basic understanding of the similarities between Judaism, Christianity and Islam which are like 3 branches of one same tree.
These 3 Religions base their Beliefs on the Bible and on the same deceiving description of God invented by Moses about 3,500 years ago.
Today it is as if one Rabbi, one Pope and one Imam were yelling 3 views of the World from the top of 3 pyramids.
Three screams but one same concept.
Any pyramidal view of the World is always enemy of Equality and symbolic banner of the Animal kingdom.
The blasphemy of Moses expressed by these 3 Religions has now taken into a new role.
One group of individuals uses these 3 as instruments for one War which is apparently between Religions but it is instead instigated by a conspiracy to dominate the World.

3) Knowledge of the various steps of the Zionist Plan.
It is possible to read it like in a screenplay of a movie and recognize the many sequences that these individuals are trying to reproduce.
In the next scene, it is as if someone were knocking at your door and holding one “sacred” book on one hand and one knife on the other behind his back.
The Bible is used as a weapon to instigate a War of Religion and to build in the end the largest of all pyramids:
the New World Order.


Without the need of a crystal ball and without a doubt, there is a Plan for the largest robbery of all times attempted by these criminals masked as bankers or politicians.

Their Plan follows the exact footprints already defined in this controversial manuscript called:
"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"
(one copy held in the British Museum)
“Our countersign is - Force and Make-believe. Violence must be the principle, and cunning and make-believe the rule for governments which do not want to lay down their crowns at the feet of agents of some new power.”
“…will hearken to our preaching of the Religion of Moses, that, by its stable and thoroughly elaborated system has brought all the peoples of the World into subjection to us. Therein we shall emphasize its mystical right, on which, as we shall say, all its educative power is based…”

Many have said that it is a fake although the manuscript exists.
In the past everyone repudiated the paternity of this book and they were all pointing fingers but today it is no longer important to know who wrote it. Instead it is important to know that its strategy is being executed with utmost precision and could soon be finalized by a small group of individuals.
Too many similarities during the last few years coincide with the escalating events already described by the final stage of this plot written in the hateful manuscript.

Not the protests or the violence in the streets could ever stop this Plan relying on its long tentacles and on the short memory of the people.

A new Direction begins with
bridging through Science all people into the shores of Equality and beyond any border marked by Religions.

Wavevolution is the only answer
for the next War of Religion
like also for those Jews, Christians and Muslims
who want an alternative to their blind Belief of one Bible which they all share and that has always been the object of new and convenient interpretations (Talmud) since the past 3,000 years and still in our days to constantly justify its contents over the course of Time.


The demand for drastic changes will soon become deafening even for new and alternative forms of government.

One precise path must outline for the future one clear Direction to present to the people. It will take an alternative to the pyramidal system in which we live to introduce a new system of government that could solve the Human conflict at its root where is buried the dilemma between
Individualism and Equality

In fact,
Communism limits the human spirit and dims the ambitions that are needed to generate the spark and stimulate new ideas for the future.
Capitalism values the human being according to wealth and property and it is built on competition and discordance.
This system will punctually lead to unsustainable extremes.

Beyond all that,
Communism and more recently even Capitalism have both failed because of the same old illness: corruption.

In a new and long lasting form of government, Trust can no longer be one of its components.
All efforts should be made to form a new type of government with new mechanisms that will not require the element of Trust or the promise of a politician to guarantee that the will of the majority will always be reflected in the laws of that government. This will be a system that could improve in time the already existing possibility of such government today structured through the use of the Internet.

A new form of Democratic government is

Commutalism is a new concept of Democracy without politicians which is organized through the Internet to balance the needs of the Individual with the Respect for Equality.

Commutalism is structured to provide the necessary goods for the survival of everyone and introduces at the same time a new transparent form of Capitalism to trade all those goods which are not necessary, like in a market open to the competition of all superfluous goods

For the sake of transparency, this new type of Capitalism would rule that each single transaction must be reported on the Net to become visible like an invoice made public and taxable at the origin with one fix percentage applied for all.

In such system, all private properties and their owners like also all money transactions and trades of private property must be publicly reported on the Net. This is to prevent unlawful transactions and root out corruption through the immediate confiscation of those goods that have not been reported.

Moreover, to reduce Greed and restore the financial equilibrium worldwide, it will be enough to eliminate the concept of inheritance. The private property of the people will return to the State after the death of each person to be auctioned among all citizens. In the time span of one generation it is possible to have this new equilibrium. People could make as much as they want and spend to even educate their children but inheritance and donations would not be allowed.

Once the survival is guaranteed for everybody there will be no need to be as tolerant with crime as we are today when the crime is a consequence of our corrupted system.

In Commutalism, the right to own properties must be protected and guaranteed also for those who want to work and trade their own Time to obtain more than just the basic necessities provided by the system.


In a Destiny that is like a Human chess game played by the same system of rules also governing physic and chemistry, the value of Money must lose the scepter or else the next move is already set.


Beware of politicians who will try to persuade the public opinion by simply referring to the Bible, speaking of wars and God both in the same sentence.

The job of the mass media is to cloud the understanding of the people through all sorts of misinformation made to raise more doubts and generate confusion.

In the end, Zionists will be defined as all those who do not believe in Equality.
For example,
those who claim superiority for themselves or for others, like who believe in queens and kings
or also
the followers of those Religions that still today celebrate our difference and not what we have in common.

The Conflict is one between
the old Animals opposed to a new Humankind.

The threat of the Zionist Plan and its hidden Direction could vanish only if there will be one single front capable to hold back that constant attempt to divide all people.

Those who would want to change Direction, but feel paralyzed because they are born into a certain Country or Religion, they could also be part of that single front.

As long as talking about Equality is not a crime you should not be too worry if a secret agent were to listen to your phone calls or take aim at your computer.
Too much is at stake. Even the same agent should think.
If the Mind were clear each stain would appear.


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